Global Art Project

Our group had been meeting and sharing songs, poems, and prayers, but soon decided that if we were to make a difference in our world we needed to DO something. Our first project was to join in the biennial art exchange of the Global Art Project for Peace.

It was about this time that we got our name "Yellow Bus Creations". We needed a name for our group when we sent in our registration with the Global Art Project

One of our members works at a child care facility and pre-school, and for her job had been reading "Ghosts From the Nursery-The roots of Violence". She reported that there are many factors that go into a person as they grow, and there are critical times during that development that can make a huge difference in a person's ability to recover from bad or violent experiences. With that, we thought that our project might show what experiences we could put into a developing person to help that person to grow into a caring, giving, self-assured and peaceful adult. We chose a picture of a baby (with parental permission) and set to work creating the image in 1/2" squares using pictures of our family, friends, pets and peaceful places we love. After many weeks of meetings, we finally finished the project, "The Roots of Peace".